SLATRACK is easy to operate with the help of Mobile App and web interface

SLATRACK operates in two modes

1. SLATRACK-GTMS - A Guard Tour Management Systems
2. SLATRACK-FMS- A Facility Management Systems

The setup of SLATRACK includes

  • Device or any Mobile Device which has the app installed.
  • The Web Application with access to administrator and user who performs the operation
  • In case of NFC mode, a Bluetooth RFID reader is needed for scanning the card.

    1. Install the mobile application to the your security mobile
    2. Fix the NFC Cards, where your security guard make round, like At Back Gate At club house
    3. Ask Your security guard to punch NFC card While he makes round according to schedule
    4. Once the checkpoints are scanned, the staff will upload the punches on the server
    5. The manager or staff shall log in to the web portal and access the checkin data
    6. In case of FMS mode, the task assigned to the checkpoint shall be displayed along with time of the actually task done.




    • Android based Mobile Client and Cloud based web admin panel.
    • Supports NFC as well as QR Code. NFC cards can store 1K to 10KB of data.
    • No CAPEX required as most of the staff uses Android based Smart phones.
    • Infrastructure needed are only the NFC/QR Cards
    • Easily customizable web interface to any Industry.
    • App works on three modes - NFC, QR Codes and Beacons
    • The finger print sensor is integrated ensuring the same person who has assigned the job is performing his duty
    • Dashboard for the facility as well as Organization level
    • Web based reports for all the compliance tracking be it GTMS or a FMS
    • Access based login for Manager, Staff and Facility admin with different view of the data.
    • Admin login to alter the configuration. Enabling and Disabling user based on the admin login.
    • Tour management as well as Schedule Management for Admin for each facility
    • Vendor task assignment for the incidence reported from the checkpoint
    • Incidence and Task tracking with complete workflow solution