SLATRACK-GTMS and SLATRACK-FMS provides range of features as a business enablers

SLATRACK product variation covers the majority of the business workflows related to security, safety and productivity improvements. This results in revenue saving in day to day operations.

Guard Tour Management

SLATRACK GTMS provides the mobile based interface for tracking the guard movement on a predefined routes and also as per the schedule. Ensuring the compliance to the service level agreement signed with the client.

Cost Saving

With the reports available on the fly for all the tours planned as per the schedule, all the stakeholders get the reports on a periodic basic resulting in reduced billing cycle and early payment release.

Proof of Presence

With the mobile apps and scanning the QR/NFC at a particular checkpoint alogn with the GPS coordinates tracking for the swipe, the proof of presence is established along with the timestamp.

Task Tracking

SLATRACK-FMS ensures that the staff employed at a particular premises to do the task planned at the checkpoint, the list of tasks are displayed with its status and after completion, the timestamp is recorded.

Scheduled Reports

SLATRACK provides the functionality to define the scheduled reports to be delivered on a periodic frequency defined by Admin. The reports are visible the stakeholder based ont eh access given.

Incidence Reporting

The staff at the regular rounds at the premises, can report the untowed incidence such as theft, repair etc. The Staff can send the media like photo, audio and video of the incidence which then assigned to the right vendor.

SOS Functionality

While performing the rounds at the schedule, the staff may need the support at a checkpoint. This can be acheived by sending the SOS to the admin of the application who can them provide the right support.

Time and Attendance

With the GPS functionality along with the timestamp in the mobile app - when the staff records the punches be it NFC or a QR code, the attendance and proof of presence of the staff is recorded which then can be used for attendance purpose.

Compliance Reporting

Reports from the SLATRACK can be used for reporting the compliance as per the contract signed with the customer. SLATRACK provides the functionality of customizing the report as per the client needs.

Schedule Management

SLATRACK provides the mechanism to define the schift and schedules as per the contract signed with the client. The service levels can also be defined for each of the schedules so that the compliance can be acheived.

Staff Planning

Since the time tracking is done along with the productivity of each staff, the scheduling and planning of the required staff can be done based the data available from each of the schedule completed by the assigned staff

Vendor Management

The incidence reported by the staff using SLATRACK mobile app, shall be assigned to individual vendors who does the repair or a preventive tasks. The performance of each of the vendor can be tracked using the assigned and completion time of the task.