SLATRACK ensure only the allowed personnel to visit the areas

Defence establishment have added security checks for the safety.

There are certain areas which needs to be visited by the designated personnel only

Biometric based validation is the only mechanism to ensure that the assigned personnel visit the places for checking. SLATRACK has a biometric based validation for punching. This ensures that the added security validation are made for the rounds completion.


SLATRACK-GTMS allows you to track the completion of these tasks using Mobile Application installed on the staff mobile. Once the tasks are done, the GPS coordinates along with the timestamp are recorded which then uploaded one the server for reporting purpose. Daily reports is being sent to the Facility Manager along with violation of the defined rules.


• Are the security areas manned properly?
• Does they report unwanted events to Facility Manager?
• Is the vendor doing maintenance activity of time?
• Are the activities are done as per the SLA?

Events to Track

• Are the security rounds are made on time?
• Common area Cheked
• Any violation of the rules for checking
• Any lethargy in making rounds as per schedule?
• Are the premises lights working
• Common area lights and fans working.
• Are all the areas are safe and no untowed incidence?