SLATRACK elevates HOTEL compliance level

Elevate your compliance standards by implementing SLATRACK-GTMS as well as SLATRACK-FMS.

Hopsital need an utmost care of its patients. The daily rounds of Nurses and addressing the need of each patient is ensured by implementing the SLATRACK.

This ensures the operation of hte hopsital and workforce safe and compliant. Navigating the complexities for operations while having a comprehensive approach to compliance, cleaning and security practices is ensured with SLATRACK unique features.


SLATRACK-FMS allows you to track the completion of these tasks using Mobile Application installed on the staff mobile. once the tasks are done, the GPS coordinates along with the timestamp are recorded which then uploaded one the server for reporting purpose.


• Are the security areas manned properly?
• Does they report unwanted events to me?
• Will the guard awake all the time and takes care of my assets?
• Is my hotel housekeeping staff doing its tasks on time

Events to Track

• Common area floor cleaned
• Porch floor area cleaned
• Staircase cleaned
• Elevator cleaned
• Elevator fan and lights working
• Common area lights and fans working.
• Bed sheets/Blanket/Pillow Covers changed
• Towels/Napkins/ Toilet papers changed
• Bathing soap/shampoo/hand wash replaced
• Dustbin cleaned
• Toilet cleaned
• Carpet cleaned
• Drinking water jar and water glasses replaced