SLATRACK improves the task completion status foe checking

Elevate compliance standards by implementing SLATRACK-GTMS as well as SLATRACK-FMS.


SLATRACK-FMS allows you to track the completion of these tasks using Mobile Application installed on the staff mobile. once the tasks are done, the GPS coordinates along with the timestamp are recorded which then uploaded one the server for reporting purpose.


• Can I vendor tasks signed as per contract?
• Does my housing keeping staff doing their duty properly?
• Is Maintenance Schedule of my warehouses really followed?
• How can I measure performance of House Keeping Staff?
• Do they really help in reducing my utilities cost?
• How can I get work status reports House Keeping staff?
• Are the common areas properly maintained?
• Are the common areas like Toilets maintained properly?
• Are the fan, lights properly working?
• Is the pest control done as per schedule?
• Is fire extinguisher properly maintained?

Events to Track

• Common area floor cleaned
• Fire Extinguisher are maintained
• Staircase cleaned
• Elevator cleaned
• Elevator fan and lights working
• Common area lights and fans working.
• AC working properly
• Pest control is done
• Gates are manned properly